Neil Greaves…

With Guilty Pleasures 45

The Guilty Pleasure 45s is a show packed with memories and good times, covering classics and rarities from the 70s to the 80s,

Hosted by Neil Greaves, it’s a happy show brimming with nostalgia the way radio used to sound, playing the tracks most stations have forgotten. Greavsie’s passion for music drew its first breath when Radio Rentals took his TV away. He was 10 years old. Not being one who waits to be entertained, and being of a curious nature, he decided to explore his mother’s vast record collection, the bulk of which represented the genres of folk and country.

But, hidden in its depths were some real sonic treasures. After a short search, he unearthed Bob Marley albums, Donny Hathaway’s Extension Of a Man, and the complete works of Ray Charles and Millie Jackson. This was truly my Eureka moment!

Now, he had a new passion. Now he could see a path before him, one that he would follow from that day forth. Paper-round money was now being used to service a new addiction — a new hunger.

Guilty Pleasure 45s with Greavsie – Tuesday,Wednesdays,Thursdays,Saturdays & Sundays from Midnight