Laughter and Unpredictability…

With Ginger & Nuts

Laughter and Unpredictability with Ginger and Nuts

Buckle up and put on your laughing pants because Ginger and Nuts are about to hijack your radio with a wild ride of hilarity and unpredictability!

This dynamic duo has the banter skills of a comedy tag team, ready to make your smile stretch from ear to ear. They know how to tickle your funny bone while keeping you on your toes with lightning-fast wit. Whether cracking jokes, playing the best feel-good tunes, or dishing out quirky news, music reviews or top tips, they’ve got you covered!

These radio rebels have conquered the airwaves, spreading laughter and joy across the globe. They’ve won the coveted title of ‘Best Community Radio Show’ and are now taking over the UK, New Zealand, Africa, Australia, the Philippines, and even the USA! It’s safe to say they’re leaving no corner of the world untouched by their on-air antics.

But wait, there’s more! Ginger and Nuts has partnered with big brands like Marvel, Disney On Ice, Shark, Ninja, Draper Tools, SnoozeBand, and Lush.
Behind the scenes, these awesome hosts face their challenges. Darren battles mental health and chronic pain, proving that laughter is the best medicine. And Kat, she’s a warrior who has braved seven miscarriages. Together, they create a show that’s more than just fun – it’s a radiant ray of positivity that can make a real difference in people’s lives.

So, tune in to the Ginger and Nuts show every Friday from 12pm to 2pm and prepare for an experience that will leave you giggling, inspired, and begging for more.