With Ginger & Nuts

Sponsored by ​Forever Jack​ and ​Pitman Pies​, Ginger and Nuts have previously been voted
‘Best Community Radio Show’.
Their show can now be heard across an ever-growing list of FM and online radio stations around the world. From Birmingham to Alicante, Liverpool to USA and Yorkshire to Ukraine!
Married in real life, Ginger and Nuts always put every ounce of energy into their shows, and according to the latest listening figures, people seem to love the saucy pair. Oooh, Err!
Their unpredictable show is a unique blend of banter, studio mayhem, as well as a right balance of feel-good tunes from all decades.
Over the years, they have interviewed the likes of Gloria Gaynor, Marty Wilde, Britt Ekland, John Challis ‘Boycie’ and the late Sir Ken Dodd, as well as other big names.
They’ve also worked in partnership with Disney, Marvel, Lush, Shark Ninja and ​Empire Cinemas​. So, I guess they must be doing something right!
Recently, the cheeky pair launched a radio promo that claims a new Pandemic known as ‘Ginger and Nuts’ is likely to attack your chuckle muscles and cause infectious laughter.
People are also warned that listening to them is likely going to lift your mood.
Due to their popularity, they launched a VIP Listeners Club that includes an official certificate. Yet, it’s not all smiles.
Behind the mic, Darren (Nuts) struggles with anxiety and depression, and he rarely leaves his home without his wife and never answers the door.
He also struggles with Arthritis, Spine Disease, and has a small syrinx (cyst) in his spine. He also suffers from Fibromyalgia which causes chronic pain throughout the body together with debilitating exhaustion. Some days he can’t move due to the pain.
He has openly talked about mental health and how he has wanted to take his own life just to escape the pain.
Katherine (Ginge) is Darren’s carer, but if all this wasn’t enough, she’s had her own problems too.

Kat has had seven miscarriages, and on Father’s Day last year, she collapsed, went unconscious and nearly died. Their little angel was just 13 weeks old. Understandably, they were both devastated.
Darren added: “​It’s hard to explain, but when I am in front of the microphone, despite my chronic pain, anxiety and heartache, I become this different person, we both do.
“​We banter, have fun, and I guess we just want to make others happy​